Agency Relationships and the Law

An in-depth review of what it means to be an agent from a legal perspective, the obligations you owe to your clients and others, your legal rights and liabilities, litigation and more.

*VTA associated course work

ASTA – American Society of Travel Advisors


As travel agents are routinely authorized to act on behalf of others, most notably, the traveling public and the myriad suppliers offering travel services; it goes without saying that agency is a subject of importance to everyone in the travel industry. Given the interdependence of the various players, all of whom have competing yet also complimentary interest, it follows that all agents, and particularly ASTA travel agents, should have a firm understanding of this subject in order to best serve their clients while also protecting their own interest.

This course includes a 35-page course handbook, instructional video and 25 question exam.

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If you are enrolled in ASTA's Verified Travel Advisor certification program, please refer to your certification program guidelines. This course is part of your VTA enrollment fee.