Ethics for Travel Advisors

A detailed study of the key ethical issues impacting travel advisors, agent expectations under ASTA’s Code of Ethics, dispute resolution procedures, case studies and more.

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ASTA – American Society of Travel Advisors


We live in a world in which travel has become both increasingly important and complex in its variety of modes and choices. Travelers are faced with a myriad of alternative transportation, accommodations and other travel services. They depend on travel agencies and other intermediaries to guide them competently as well as honestly. Similarly, air carriers, hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and other industry suppliers are expected to provide the traveler with the product as advertised.

It goes without saying that the complexity of our industry, coupled with the interdependence of the various players, all of whom have competing yet also complimentary interests, can create situations in which the best course of action from the agent’s perspective can often be less than certain.

While all ASTA travel agent members already pledge themselves to conduct their businesses in accordance with both the letter and the spirit of the ASTA Code of Ethics, we felt that our members would greatly benefit from an in-depth study of critical ethical considerations facing their businesses and the travel industry as a whole in the twenty-first century.

To enhance your understanding, the Ethics course uses real-world examples to illustrate the key principals that guide our members’ conduct. After all, the manner in which ASTA members conduct their business is one way we provide greater value for our clients, and this is what ultimately sets our members apart from – and sets the standard for – the rest of the travel industry

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